Winner of 20 IBS AWARDS!!

**2020  Winner Len Mallioux Managment Award...Best Production Director in Nation**


**2020  Winner Tom Gibson...Best High School/College Engineer in Nation**


**2020 Winner Best Use of Video in Radio**

**2020 Winner Best Phone App**

2020 Finalist Len Mallioux Managment Award...Best Program Director in Nation**


2020 Finalist Best Morning Show.

2020 Finalist Best Comedy Show.

2020 Finalist Best Station Contest.

2020 Finalist Best Station Promotion.

2020 Finalist Best Station Logo.

2020 Finalist Best Station Press Release.

2020 Finalist Best News Feature Story.

2020 Finalist News Interview.

2020 Finalist Best Station ID.

2020 Finalist Best Website.

2020 Finalist Best Use of Social Media.

2020 Finalist Best High School Program Director.

2020 Finalist Best High School Production Director.

2020 Finalist Tim Gibson...Best High School/College Engineer

The Intercollegiate Broadcast System hosts the IBS Awards each year to judge High School and College Radio Stations. Awards are presented to finalists and winners in New York City during the IBS Conference in March.

Student Nominations...

Brayden Byers                           6 Nominations

Emily Kelsch                              5 Nominations

Madi Ptacek                               3 Nominations

Caleb Blaze                               3 Nominations

Laura Hovland                           3 Nominations

Madisyn Ohlhauser                   2 Nominations

Sydney Giese                            2 Nominations

Hunter Matthies                         2 Nominations

Nautica Geestman                    2 Nominations

Kimberly Gefroh                        1 Nomination

Teegan Scherr                          1 Nomination

Jaycee Richter                          1 Nomination